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At Green Elephant Beer Cellar our passion is great quality beer, whether it be a local, traditional brewery or the latest hop bomb from the newest freshest brewery.

We are super lucky in Cornwall to have some truly fantastic breweries putting out world class beers, our intention is to support these breweries as best we can by carrying as much as we can of the latest and greatest beers available to us.

Beyond this, when we stock ‘out-of-county’ breweries, we strive to find new and small breweries where-ever possible, they are the life-blood of the industry that we love.

Our beer line up is constantly changing but it averages out at roughly 50% Cornish and 50% rest of the world.

Storage is a big concern for a lot of craft beer fans, our policy is to order small and often so in most cases fresh beer arriving to us will go straight in to the fridge (we are also lucky to have a small stock room that is essentially an old larder and never gets warmer than ‘chilled’).

Chatting about beer is one of favourite past-times, if you need any help making choices or need something put together for a gift, please get in contact with us, we love doing that!

We can deliver beer locally to your door, send it via courier or get a box ready for you for pick-up.