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Jack’s Kombucha – 0% Raspberry


Raspberry Kombucha
240ml Bottle

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Jack’s all-natural, authentic, lightly sparkling kombucha with active live cultures. Small batch fermented using traditional methods to create a full-flavoured, artisan product of quality. A great alternative to alcoholic or high sugar drinks.
With its distinctive, refreshing taste, kombucha has been revered as a health-supporting elixir for over 2000 years. And with its ‘full mouth’, satisfying, complex layers of flavour and tart, clean finish, it makes a great alternative to alcoholic and sugary soft drinks.
We use traditional methods and ingredients of the highest quality to give you an authentic kombucha drinking experience. Our kombucha is unpasteurised giving you the full benefit of all the live, active cultures. Maximum good stuff, minimum sugar.
It’s the feel good drink that really does deserve a champagne flute. Enjoy!
> Vegan
> gluten free
> made in Cornwall
> organic and permacultured ingredients
> active live cultures
> lower sugar
> plant based
> 0% hangover!
3 refreshing flavours…
With 100% natural ingredients, our kombucha is made with a tea infusion of filtered Cornish water and fairly traded, permacultured single-estate green & black tea with organic cane sugar – small batch brewed with our exclusive kombucha cultures to produce our lightly sparkling , refreshing drink that’s vegan, gluten-free and bursting with live, active culture goodness.
Choose from our infusion of delicate raspberry, warming ginger, or our original tea kombucha.
Reducing carbon – ingredients shipped by sail…
In keeping with Cornwall’s maritime traditions, soon we’ll be importing our carefully sourced ingredients from far flung shores by sail to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure that the growers continue to be supported fairly.
The purest tea…
When you make a product that’s made from just a few ingredients, their quality means everything. So where to source our tea? For us the answer was simple – from a part of the world where the climate and soil produce some of the finest teas in the world for kombucha making, and there are no pests to threaten the crop, so permaculture practices thrive – along with the tea! Pesticides and other chemicals just aren’t used, resulting in the purest tea.

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